♥BTSSB Burberry Check Jacket & Skirt♥

This is probably my favourite jacket and skirt set released by BABY, it's so beautiful! A matching tie was also sold which I don't have sadly! It also came in brown, grey and pink (I'd love to own pink too). I have been wanting more sax items so I was really happy to get this as a set. I was super terrified about the fit since I've never owned this kind of thing, and no shirring on the skirt! But I am glad I took the risk, as it fits comfortably enough (as well as something can fit when you are too tall!). It's cute with or without the jacket, but matching things just look so cute and put together♥

Pockets!♥ The back of the jacket has a bustle-like effect when worn which is really gorgeous. The ribbons used are grosgrain which I love because it's very sturdy looking while still being cute.