♥MAM Gobelin JSK♥

I have no information on the name and release of this dress. My friend ventured that it's the JSK of the 2001 Gobelin OP which is a possibility although the colourway of OP is different to the JSK and although the bodice is the similar the hem is slightly different. A gobelin vanity case was released in 2002 which matches the colour of the JSK so I think it might be from then.

I got this dress without the waist ties (I completely didn't even realise) but luckily it fits well without them. Actually I came across this dress in blue when I was new to lolita, and I lost a bidding war on it aha. But actually I think I prefer a more traditional looking gobelin. In hindsight, everything will come around at some point, right? (Thinks longingly about dream dress...)