♥Metamorphose Self Fabric Frill Pintuck Short Sleeve OP♥

What a long name! In Meta (and general old school) fashion the dress does not have a 'real' name which made it pretty hard to identify. In fact this was one of my dream dresses when I got into lolita from seeing it's cute ad in an GLB. The ad which does not particulary display the details of the dress well paired with the lack of name made me believe I would be doomed to never uncover it's true identity. But luckily, I did find it last year in the same colourway as the ad, which makes me extremely happy! Despite no surviving stock images, I was able to identify the dress by the description.♥

Sorry, I was clearly incapable of taking a proper picture of this dress. This dress is super comfy and often wear this around the house more than going out! The dress is a little longer than my other dresses, so my petticoat actually isn't quite long enough welp. But yay for longer dresses!

As you can see this dress is gorgeous! I forgot what kind of fabric this is, but behind the coloured floral print there's lines of florals in the fabric itself. With all the pintucks it's a very princessy looking dress. I'd say it's sweet-classic and I think it'd look great with some lace gloves.

Here is the ad that made me fall in love with this dress! Actually Kato-san replied to my tweet about it, and told me that the doggo just joined in the shoot while on a walk. How cute! I also got to talk to the model/staff in the picture, Pyon♥