Dream were a girl group that were active between 1998 ~ 2003 and released 2 studio albums. This group seemed to be pretty big in America when they released their first single He Loves U Not in 2000. But they flopped later in 2003 when they tried to come back with a sexier image that their fans were not there for. Their 2nd album was shelved for 2 years.

1st Single: He Loves U Not (2000)

1. Radio Edit
2. Remix (Featuring G.Dep)
3. Radio Edit Enhanced Video (it's like 144p though)

1st Album: It Was All A Dream (2001)

1. It Was All A Dream (Intro)
2. He Loves U Not
3. In My Dreams
4. This Is Me
5. I Don't Like Anyone
6. Reality (Interlude)
7. Pain

8. When I Get There
9. What We Gonna Do About Us
10. Jordan (Interlude)
11. Mr. Telephone Man
12. Angel Inside
13. Do You Wanna Dance
14. Miss You
15. Our Prayer (Interlude)

16. How Long
17. He Loves U Not (Remix)
Bonus Tracks:
18. Back 2 U
19. Baby

Best Song: Angel Inside
Top Tier Songs: He Loves U Not, In My Dreams, How Long, He Loves U Not (Remix), Mr Telephone Man
Mid Tier Songs: Do You Wanna Dance, I Don't Like Anyone, Baby, What We Gonna Do About Us
Low Tier Songs: This Is Me, Miss You
Skippable: Back 2 U, Pain, When I Get There

But honestly the whole album is cohesive and you should listen to it fully with the interludes. You can listen to Dream's discography including unreleased tracks on Apple Music (and Spotify probably) (except they removed their second album again).

Fun facts about It Was All A Dream:
The first edition of the album cover is extremely dark and was corrected to a reddish colour. I have the first release and it looks so bad.
Also Mr Telephone Man is written incorrectly as "Mr Telephone".

Random Thoughts:
The album booklet is terrible. The cover's actually cute so you'd at least expect a nice photoshoot instead of choppy photoshop.
Plus no lyric book.
Final Verdict:
This is one of my favourite albums and even the most skippable songs are not terrible. I'd reccommend it if you're into 2000s pop.